Transmision del PASS Summit 2018

Hoy inicia el PASS Summit 2018 y para los que gusten seguir el evento por medio de streaming PASS TV estará realizando un streaming solamente Deben ingresar a este link aquí les dejo la agenda de para el día de hoy 7 de noviembre, las horas están según el horario de Guatemala.

GT Contenido
10:10 Vendor interview: Solarwind’s Robert Mandeville interviewed by Tim Ford
10:15 Day 1 Keynote: “SQL Server and Azure Data Services” presented by Rohan Kumar
11:55 Vendor interview: Quest’s Patrick O’Keefe interviewed by Allen White
12:40 Vendor interview: Datavail’s Eric Russo interviewed by John Martin
12:45 General Session: “The Roadmap for SQL Server” presented by Amit Banerjee and Travis Wright
14:00 Vendor interview: Microsoft’s JG Chirapurath interviewed by Adam Jorgensen
15:22 Vendor interview: Data Robot’s Jen Underwood interviewed by Chris Yates
15:30 General Session: “Building a Modern Data Warehouse on Azure” presented by Bill Gibson and James Rowland Jones
16:45 Vendor interview: Delphix’s Dante DeMichaelis interviewed by Wendy Pastrick
17:00 Vendor interview: HVR’s Joe deBuzna interviewed by Allen White
17:10 Vendor interview: TBD
17:15 General Session: “Architecting for Scalability and Performance in Hybrid Workloads” presented by Kimberly Tripp
18:40 PASS Election Interview: Allen White and Jennifer Moser
18:45 General Session: “Do Your Data Visualizations Need A Makeover?” presented by Meagan Longoria